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What is TimeTrek?

TimeTrek is a 13,7 km long hiking and biking route. It portrays the whole history of the Universe. Every kilometer of the route corresponds to a billion years, and every meter to one million years in history. The route starts from the Big Bang at Tuorla observatory in Kaarina and runs up to the present time at the University of Turku main campus. The most important events and turning points in history have been marked along the trail with brass plates. Each plate is placed so that its distance from the beginning of the trek corresponds to the time in history that the plate describes.

On the trek, the history of the Universe begins at Tuorla with the Big Bang. The trek then follows footpaths and small roads via Kaarina, Sorro and Lauste to Biolaakso, where you will find the origin of the Solar System, Earth and Life.

The trek continues over Skarpkullantie, through Lehmustie to Rakuunatie, describing the geological processes, movements of continents and the Great Oxygenation Event caused by cyanobacteria. The trek then goes through Kupittaa Park to Kerttulinkatu tracing the development of multicellular organisms and Snowball Earth periods. After that the trek reaches the Cambrian explosion, the colonization of land and the development of more complex plants and animals. From Kerttulinkatu the route climbs up the University Hill and ends next to the Big Bang Echo statue on top of the hill. In the last few hundred meters, the trek goes over major changes in climate and sea levels, movements of continents and occasional mass extinctions. The last 20 cm represents the human species and the last 1 cm the time of human civilization.