Preliminary programme

20.8. Sunday

15 - 17 Arrival and registration at Tuorla observatory

17 - 18 The Big Bang and the Origin of the Time and Universe

Syksy Räsänen, Helsinki

Evening: Welcoming party at the Tuorla observatory and planetarium.

21.8. Monday

9 - 12 Cosmic evolution
Pasi Nurmi, Turku; Maria Gritsevich, Helsin
13 - 16 Young Earth
Juha Karhu, Helsinki
Evening: Boating trip to the Kuusisto castle

22.8. Tuesday

9 - 12 Origin of Life
Armen Mulkidjanian, Osnabrueck
13 - 16 Geological processes
Markku Väisänen, Turku; Anna Neubeck, Stockholm
Evening: Sauna and camp fire topics:
Formation of a habitable planet: What you need? How can you maintain liquid water?
Origin of life: What is life? Building up of information - trial and error, information encoding puzzle

23.8. Wednesday

9 - 12 The world of microbes
Esa Tyystjarvi Turku; Natalia Barrientos Macho Stockholm; Anni Kauko + Vesa Havurinne, Turku
13 - 16 Diverse life forms, arrival of multicellular life
Anna Neubeck, Stockholm; Julia Brugger, Potsdam; Tõnu Meidla, Tartu
Evening: Sauna and camp fire topics:
Global carbon cycle; global water cycles – how we are affecting these.

24.8. Thursday

9 - 12: Rise of the complex life forms
Tõnu Meidla, Tartu; Natuschka Lee, Umeå
13 - 16: Connection of the geosphere, biosphere, atmosphere and climate
Julia Brugger, Potsdam
Evening: A stem-boat cruise to the archipelago. Dancing on the deck.

25.8. Friday

9 - 16 Guided TimeTrek walk, 13.8 km
Evening: Savusauna and farewell dinner at the Kavalton tila