The deep history of the Universe, the Earth and the biosphere is the most exciting story that we can think of. It seeks to explain how this world has developed and evolved, through separate steps, small and large, and through causes and consequences. It is a fascinating story for anyone who wants to understand how the world functions, what are the natural laws and forces that keep it running, and what are the scales and dimensions of all its events.

General information

The course "The deep history of the Universe, the Earth and the biosphere" will take place from 20 to 26 August 2017 at the Tuorla observatory and hostel, in the vicinity of Turku, Finland. It aims to help the students to integrate the views of different disciplines to a complex multidisciplinary history of the Universe and the Earth. Participants will have the possibility to actively participate in the discussions during the lectures, and also during the evening program at the camp fires where we will further discuss the topics of the days. The Turku University, the TimeTrek association, and the European Astrobiology Campus will function as co-organisers of the course.

Subjects covered by the lectures:

On the last day of the camp we will make a guided walk of the 13.8 km TimeTrek trail from Tuorla Observatory to Turku University. The TimeTrek trail is a hiking and biking route, where every kilometer corresponds to a billion years, and every meter to one million years in the history. The most important events have been marked along the trail with brass plates, and plenty of additional material are also available on the website. The aim is to illustrate the continuum of events and their mutual interactions, causes and effects, and the cosmic and geological timespans of these large processes. The original route was established in 2011 as a collaborative outreach with several scientists from local Universities, and the recent focus has been in the development of corresponding digital materials.

After the walk, in the evening of 25.8., we will have a nice treat with savusauna and farewell dinner at the Kavalton tila.

From the TimeTrek walk

Teachers confirmed


The event is organized by a cross-disciplinary team of the University of Turku teachers and researchers.
Persons in charge: Kirsi Lehto, Harry Lehto and Anni Kauko.

Eligible participants

The event is aimed both for undergraduate and graduate students in any field of natural sciences who are interested in the questions of astrobiology and the deep history of the world, but also researchers are welcome to participate. The event is open to applicants from all nationalities. Detailed information about registration and the application form (deadline May 31, 2017) can be found under the Application page.

Tuorla hostel

Meeting venue

Lectures will take place in the lecture room of the Tuorla observatory. The accomodation and meals will be provided by the very cosy and comfortable Tuorla hostel. For location, please see the web page.

Tuorla can be reached conveniently via the Turku airport. Alternatively, good train and bus connection are also available from Helsinki to Turku, as well as a ferry connection (Silja Line, Viking Line) from Stockholm. Please contact the organizers about your arrival time travel details, and we organize you the local transport from your site of entry to the Tuorla hostel. Please see the Venue & Access for details.